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"Ini Settings" should be divided better

Stance wrote on the forum: We have encountered in the Wiki the problem that "Ini Settings" should be e.g. divided better. It is too pedantic to load and work on such a large side in the Wikieditor. It is really too unclear. The "Ini Settings" must be also always up to date. We began to use different background colours for the individual sections. Many users expect the "Ini Settings" in one individual side (like in the help file) it would be possible to make both: Divided sides with the Ini sections in the title of the side and one individual side, which can be downloaded or be used as Bookmark in the Browser.

--White 15:53, 21 May 2008 (EDT)
If I understand you correctly you are saying readers expect to see a page with all settings explained, while for editors it is inconvenient to edit this page. For editors it would be best when there are separate pages for each section. I agree with that.
You are suggesting it is possible to have both a full list on one page and a list where each section is on a different page. You are right, it is possible to do so. And it is not very hard to do. Article pages can be transcluded the same way as template pages. See the concept I created for my suggestion below.

Suggestion for a different approach

I think the following things can be improved upon.

  • The tables on this page are inconvenient for editors and confusing for the readers.
  • Detailed (technical) information is given for each setting. Users do not need detailed information of all settings at once. More likely users need only detailed information of one setting at a time.
  • There might be a lot of detailed information. It is very inconvenient to put it in this list. It's better of on a separate page.
  • The page is difficult to maintain due to it's size and number of different kinds of settings.

My suggestion is to use a method similar to the method used on MediaWiki Manual:Configuration settings. I suggest the following.

  • Don't include detailed information in the list. Give only a very short description. The user can click the name of the setting to get detailed information.
  • Do not use a table to list the settings. Use normal lines.
  • Use a template for unified documentation of the settings. Similar to the MediaWiki Manual:Configuration settings.
  • Divide the list of settings over separate section pages and transclude these pages.

I have created a concept using this method. See User:White/Wincmd.ini.


  1. MediaWiki only has one configuration file without any sections. So each setting is uniquely named. In Total Commander different settings with the same name can exist in multiple sections and in multiple files. So a setting in Total Commander is uniquely identified by configuration file name, section name and setting name. This must be taken in consideration when naming the title of a page.
  2. Also different sections with the same name can exist in multiple configuration files.

Please comment on my suggestions.