No idea what did happen....

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No idea what did happen....

Post by *Simone » 2009-06-16, 16:19 UTC

Total Commander
External exception C0000006.
Please report this error to the Author,
with a description of what you were doing when this error occurred!
Continue execution?

Windows exception: C0000006

Stack trace:

00685FFD 00413DFC 7E368732 7E368814

7E37A011 7E37A037 00442BAD 00413DFC

7E368732 7E368814 77EFE492 7E378E9E

7E378EEA 7C91E471 7E3694BC 7E378E0B

7E368828 7E379349 7E378DD7 5B0F3BC0

5B10C7F4 5B0F1AC5 5B0F1B3B 7E3794EB

7E368732 7E368814 7E37A011 7E37A037

00442B83 00413DFC 7E368732 7E368814

7E37A011 7E37A996 0044386F 00416669

0044443E 004171EE 005014BE 00441995

004437C5 7E368BD7 7E368858 00415AD8

00442C08 0044350A 00413DFC 7E368732

7E368814 7E37A011 7E37A037
Press Ctrl+C to copy this report!
Ja Nein

But it says to report.

I did nothing specific with the Commander, it was just running in the background while playing a game. Thie continuation was impossible. I was need to restart the Commander instead.

Regards from Simone from Germany!

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Post by *ghisler(Author) » 2009-06-16, 18:55 UTC

Thanks, I will check the reported addresses.
Author of Total Commander

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