Error when exiting RC2.

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Error when exiting RC2.

Post by *Kimon » 2009-09-10, 09:27 UTC

Hi. I got the following error when exiting Tcmd 7.50 RC2.

Total Commander 7.50RC2
Invalid pointer operation.

Please report this error to the Author, with a description
of what you were doing when this error occurred!

Delphi exception: EInvalidPointer
Stack trace:
402D2E 5D709E 5D9291 443C62 >413EA4 443223
413EA4 4194E8 419580 69DA0D
402D2E 402D2E 40268C 402CF0 408F73 402D2E
402D2E 402D2E 402712 402F77 657AC7 5D709E
443F31 4432E5 443C62 443C85 443C6E 443C85
48005A 4268CA 650070 415B80 4432E5 530055
5C0030 4268CA 73FFFE 636F25 650070 48005A
5C002E 650070 636F25 443FDB 416711 441D21
443F31 415B80 4432E5 443C62 443C85 650070
73FFFE 413EA4 48005A 61006B 413EA4 55004B
43004D 73FFFE 413EA4 636F25 73FFFE 48005A
69A5C5 69A5C5 69A5C5 56FB6B 443191 413EA4

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Continue execution?
Yes No

What i did when it happened:

I have a box running freenas on my Lan, and some samba shares mapped as local drives.
I had Tcmd's right panel showing one of those drive's root.
I comenced a shutdown on freenas.
This usually leads to a message from tcmd saying that it cant find the maped drive/path on the next refresh.
At about the same time samba was stopping, and before the above mentione message pops, i decided to exit tcmd, and did so
by right clicking "exit" at the taskbar.

Then it happened :D

Running XP sp3 En-US + all updates.

Let me know if you need further info.


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Post by *ghisler(Author) » 2009-09-10, 10:22 UTC

Thanks, I will analyze it. It looks like it happens when TC tries to unload the file lists, the data must have been corrupted somehow.

Can you reproduce the error?
Author of Total Commander

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Post by *Kimon » 2009-09-10, 12:25 UTC

I doubt, but I will give it a try.
If I find a way to reliably reproduce it, I will post back.

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