Overwriting file with other file-content after copy/sync

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Overwriting file with other file-content after copy/sync

Post by *Gerrit » 2009-09-14, 09:55 UTC

After a copy I found that the content of an other file is replaced by the content of another file in that map (I see that because then there are files with the same size).
after copying 09-03 Karten Philips CM 09 between two drives,
in the destination map is have
09-03 Karten Philips CM 07 with the content of
09-03 Karten Philips CM 05
So the name is not changed but the content is.

I have maps with photo's of which the filenames are almost the same, but differs only in a number of 2.3 digits.
I mentioned this, because I never experienced this (and I am using TC very often) with program-files.

In version 7.04 as well in 7.5 beta release (I have not yet installed 7.5) this happens.

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Post by *ghisler(Author) » 2009-09-14, 15:52 UTC

I cannot reproduce this problem. Do these files appear on the same line in the sync tool, or on different lines?

If you turn off long file names temporarily, do the files have the same 8.3 DOS name?
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Post by *StatusQuo » 2009-09-14, 20:25 UTC

I saw something like this on a USB drive, where the FAT32 file system already was damaged before the operation.
Is chkdsk.exe X: (replace X: with your drive letter) reporting errors?
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