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Crash report.

Post by *gewone »

First of all, I wasn't [up until now as I entered forum thru] aware about the .50a update, so this here happened at v7.50, just to make that clear. So. This is my story.

I don't know if this is relevant, but I add it to my story, just in case. I associated rar/7z/zip with 7-Zip File Manager in F4MENU plugin. I entered a passwd-prot. RAR arch, fiddled, and closed it. Suddenly, the drives was not accessible. \\Desktop & \\My network places were (*thru hotkeys, that I fortunately had set), but as I entered just any path in the adress field it just didn't click right. I was stuck, showing same drives as earlier.

I then voluntarily closed/restarted TC. To make sure I could navigate trees again I just clicked a drive by random. This happened to be a former-mounted virtual drive. About two second later. Exception crash. Message below.

Code: Select all

Total Commander 7.50
Access violation at address 0315BDDE. Read of address 00000018.

Please report this error to the Author, with a description
of what you were doing when this error occurred!

Windows exception: C0000005
Stack trace:
5BB51F  5B96C0  5CA430  5CD3D5  5D57F8  5D998C
510914  506240  444E43  442415  4439D9  444356
>414500  443917  414500  419B44  419BDC  69E2D5

5BB51F  4446CF  444CAD  444BFE  442415  444625
444379  433CC1  444362  444379  414500  443885
414500  4446CF  416D6D  442415  444625  4161DC
4439D9  444356  444379  414500  443917  414500
442A04  442415  444625  4446B2  442415  444625
433CC1  4439D9  444356  444379  414500  443917
414500  444673  416D6D  442415  444625  4161DC
4439D9  444356  444379  414500  443917  414500
443885  414500  4446CF  416D6D  442415  444625
444625  444356  4161DC  4439D9  444356  444379

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Post by *karlchen »

Hello, gewone.

Can you reproduce the crash using the current version 7.50a, too? - No-one is going to fix v7.50, because v7.50a is the bugfix version. :)

Kind regards,

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