TC Crashes When Validating MD5 Checksum on Network Drive

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TC Crashes When Validating MD5 Checksum on Network Drive

Post by *miguelconqueso »

From what I've seen in the bug reports, I'm guessing several of these issues are interrelated but here is one of the errors I've received in a popup.

Total Commander 7.50a fin
Access violation at address 0213162C. Write of address AA74020B.

Please report this error to the Author, with a description
of what you were doing when this error occurred!

Windows exception: C0000005
Stack trace:
657FE3 4213A6 4213EE 5FD735 5FF398 69C366
6952D9 5DACC3 5DEAB6 >4438E9 414514 443A3D
4443BA 414514 44397B 414514 69E746 4D0EDB
4D20D6 511FEF 502A27 4443BA 414514 44397B
414514 419B58 419BF0 69F119
5D7B71 5DC615 40208E 402235 4A005D 657FE3
4213A6 4213EE 5FD735 5FE134 657FE3 4213A6
4213EE 5FD6C4 5FE134 69C23B 6788F0 690062
66B71A 66B71A 4438E9 657FE3 4213A6 4213EE
5FD6C4 5FE134 5FF398 69C11F 69C366 6952D9
5DACC3 657FE3 4213A6 4213EE 5FD735 5FE134
69C23B 6788F0 5FD6C4 5FE134 5FE134 69C23B
6788F0 69C025 69C11F 698843 698871 698880
698648 698CF4 69E65D 69C23B 6788F0 5DC615
69C23B 6788F0 69C23B 6788F0 69C23B 6788F0

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Continue execution?
Yes No

TC is running on a Window 7 (Ultimate) machine connecting to a Samba share on an Ubuntu (9.04) machine when validating the MD5 checksums. The problem is intermittent and seems to only happen during validation. Copying files does not seem to be an issue.
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Post by *ghisler(Author) »

I will check it, thanks. Btw, it makes little sense to post these here in the forum. Please send them to support at ghisler dot com instead.
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