TC crashes at copy operation

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TC crashes at copy operation

Post by *tbeu »

I tried to copy a ppt file from a mapped network drive to a local hard drive. This was the first and only time I observed the fatal crash. TC 7.50a on German WinXPSP3 32bit.

Code: Select all

Fatal error in copy thread, aborting!

Please report this error to the Author, with a description
of what you were doing when this error occurred!

Windows exception: C0000005
Stack trace:
694A2A  694E53  4D5F04  4D5FD0  4D5E86  643C4E
644146  649B7D  >465F15  403630  
402235  694A2A  694E53  4D5F04  636A57  637415
5C002C  5C002C  5C002C  690063  69C025  69C025
69C0DF  699E66  690063  5C002C  690063  4D5FD0
4D5E86  643C4E  69C025  69C0DF  699EB8  636A57
637415  5C002C  5C002C  5C002C  690063  644146
69C23B  6788F0  690063  690063  649B7D  690063
690063  690063  690063  690063  690063  4023B3
4023DB  465F15  4026A4  403630  
Press Ctrl+C to copy this report!
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Post by *ghisler(Author) »

I will check it, thanks.
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