Drag&Drop Mail Attachment

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Drag&Drop Mail Attachment

Post by *samot »

Minor bug, tested / found with Outlook 2007, but may happen with other mail clients too:

- create a file x.txt
- send it to yourself via Outlook
- change the original x.txt (other size / date)
- drag and drop the x.txt mail attachment from Outlook to TC in the folder with the changed x.txt

-> TC askes me, if I want to replace the old one with the new one from the mail, but shows me for both files the date / size from the original file

Image: http://www.franz-mgn.de/mm/tc_drag_from_outlook.gif (the x.txt in the mail has 7 byte and will get the current date after saving it).

The windows explorer shows me, that the date / size of the new file will be unknow instead, what would be ok.
Image: http://www.franz-mgn.de/mm/explorer_drag_from_outlook.gif

best regards

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Post by *ghisler(Author) »

I will check that, thanks. It's probably because the size and date/time cannot be determined.
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