Invalid floating point operation

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Invalid floating point operation

Post by *m^2 »

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Total Commander 7.50a fin
Invalid floating point operation.

Please report this error to the Author, with a description
of what you were doing when this error occurred!

Windows exception: C0000090
Stack trace:
55E597  504FC1  444EA7  442479  443A3D  4443BA
>414514  44397B  414514  419B58  419BF0  69F119

55E597  652641  651C09  651C09  5FF4FB  69656F
6952D9  69656F  69BBC9  651C09  446129  444733
444D63  442479  444689  4443C6  4443DD  414514
69C11F  69C366  655963  651C59  4438E9  414514
446129  444733  444D63  442479  444689  443A3D
4443BA  4443DD  414514  44397B  414514  4438E9
414514  444733  444D11  442479  444689  443A3D
4443BA  4443DD  414514  464CC6  445DEB  464CD3
69C11F  69C366  6952D9  5DACC3  5B002B  690062
4438E9  414514  4438E9  444733  442479  444689

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Tak   Nie   
I moved cursor to a folder and pressed the space bar to calculate it's size.
After a few seconds I received the message above.

This might be due to some system call returning error, because on this disk I have filesystem corruption issues.

This is not reproducible in the same instance. If I try to repeat, TC thinks for a moment and stops, w/out displaying any size. However, after restart it was happening again. So I tried to go deeper into the directory structure to identify the smallest one that would show such behaviour, but at some point it stopped happening and I can't reproduce the issue at all.

Also, you can see another bug here - by using regular MessageBoxes, TC mixes own language with the OS one.
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Post by *ghisler(Author) »

That's strange indeed - the floating point error occurs at this line:
if size<maxlongint then begin

for some strange reason, one of the files must have reported a large negative size value. I will try to catch it.
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