Unpack protected file exception

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Unpack protected file exception

Post by *MVV »

Left panel: inside of INSTALL.CAB archive.
Right panel: TC folder (write-protected).
I drag TOTALCMD.exe from archive to TC folder (expecting TC will ask for name and I'll rename it), Windows asks for elevation, and...

Code: Select all

Total Commander 7.50a fin
Access violation at address 005A3236. Read of address FFFF6C99.

Please report this error to the Author, with a description
of what you were doing when this error occurred!

Windows exception: C0000005
Stack trace:
443A3D  4443BA  414514  44397B  414514  5A605B
5A4800  5A5BCC  599C2B  5087B3  5049B9  444EA7
442479  443A3D  4443BA  >414514  44397B  414514
419B58  419BF0  69F119  
42319F  423204  659E8C  5A2681  43004A  4438E9
414514  444733  442479  444689  433D25  443A3D
4443BA  4443DD  414514  44397B  414514  5A605B
44397B  414514  4438E9  414514  444733  442479
444689  433D25  443A3D  4443BA  4443DD  414514
44397B  414514  65FCEA  5DAC65  5DAC89  430052
5DEAB6  69C025  421731  69C025  421731  62CED3
62C94E  62E405  4286A6  4286AF  634BC5  463AC4
5C002E  4438E9  414514  444733  402E4E  402E4E
442479  444689  442479  4161F0  695F98  44397B

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First time when I tried to do same operation, TC hung. Second - this exception. Third (every time TC was restarted) - fine.

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Post by *ghisler(Author) »

Thanks, I will analyze it. The error address is indeed in the unpack function.
Author of Total Commander

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