Incorrect Display of Columns

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Incorrect Display of Columns

Post by *NewUser » 2010-05-08, 20:49 UTC

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When the user resizes any field, say Size, by dragging its right field separator to the left of the rightmost position occupied by this field, the right adjacent field, Date, is displayed on top of the resized field, overwriting the overlapped data.

Expected result: The resized field is truncated on the right, allowing the correct display of the right adjacent field.

Actual result: The overlapped field contains the data for both columns, making it impossible to read.

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Post by *MVV » 2010-05-08, 21:07 UTC

This was discussed many times, it is intentional behaviour. It was made to give possibility to set space width between size and date columns. If you need bigger size column, you need to drag its left border.
You may use custom column sets with right-aligned size columns as workaround.

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