Create simultaneus Checksum File

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Create simultaneus Checksum File

Post by *Impeeza »

Hi, I recently start to use huge files for backup; sometimes I need to create MD5 and SHA256 checksum files, by now I have to run the process:
"Create Checksum File(s) /CRC32, MDE5, SHA1)..." twice, but with files 32 GB or more on size the process take so long.

There is any way of generating both checksum files at same time?

Impeeza jaja

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Re: Create simultaneus Checksum File

Post by *Dalai »

This is currently not possible with TC. But Hashdeep (Download at GitHub) can help with that, that is if you're not afraid to use command line tools. However, I'm not sure if the checksum file format written by hashdeep can be changed since it's not the same as in TC and other programs.

I've had the necessity to create multiple different checksum types as well, so I support this suggestion!

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PowerShell: Create Checksum File for each selected file

Post by *Stefan2 »

Impeeza wrote:
2020-08-01, 16:21 UTC
There is any way of generating both checksum files at same time?

Possible with an external tool like FSUM by SlavaSoft.

For each selected file do create an separate checksum file:

Output: OrigName.ext _CheckSum.MD5
GC '%WF'|ForEach{&"""$($env:Commander_Path)\Tools\fsum.exe""" '-jnc' $_ > """$_ _CheckSum.MD5"""}


Output: ___CheckSum_OrigName.ext.MD5
GC '%WF'|ForEach{&"""$($env:Commander_Path)\Tools\fsum.exe""" '-jnc' $_ > ('___CheckSum_'+"""$_"""+'.MD5')}

Code: Select all

GC '%WF'|ForEach{ & """$($env:Commander_Path)\Tools\fsum.exe""" '-jnc' $_ > ('___CheckSum_'+"""$_"""+'.MD5')}
Test|PowerShell|Get Hash for each selected file


GC is "Get-Content"

For use with TC we have to escape the "..." quoting by triple them to """...""".
Or use single '...' quotes if you don't need to expand $vars.

SlavaSoft Optimizing Checksum Utility - fsum 2.52.00337
Implemented using SlavaSoft QuickHash Library <>
Copyright (C) SlavaSoft Inc. 1999-2007. All rights reserved.

Usage: fsum.exe <OPTIONS>... <FILE>...


-c or --check - check sums against given list
-d<directory> - set working directory
-jf - print only failed lines while checking
-jm - use MD5 format
-js - use SFV format
-jnc - supress comments
-r - recurse subdirectories
-s or --status - don't output anything, status code shows success
-w or --warn - warn about improperly formatted checksum lines

-md2 - include MD2 algorithm
-md4 - include MD4 algorithm
-md5 - include MD5 algorithm
-sha1 - include SHA-1 algorithm
-sha256 - include SHA-2( 256 ) algorithm
-sha384 - include SHA-2( 384 ) algorithm
-sha512 - include SHA-2( 512 ) algorithm
-rmd - include RIPEMD-160 algorithm
-tiger - include TIGER algorithm
-panama - include PANAMA algorithm
-adler - include ADLER32 algorithm
-crc32 - include CRC32 algorithm
-edonkey - include EDONKEY algorithm

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