Buttonbar - Dialog Box Improvements

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Buttonbar - Dialog Box Improvements

Post by *Stiltzkin »

? as the first parameter causes a Dialog box to be displayed before starting the program, containing the following parameters. You can change the parameters before starting the program. You can even prevent the program's execution.
i suggest a kind of placeholder value for the dialog box.
with that placeholder you wouldn't have the whole paramater string in the dialog box - just the placeholder part.

for example:

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cmd: cmd.exe
param: cmd /c copy new.odt ?"Insert document name".odt
only "Insert document name" would be shown in the dialog box, already marked for replacement/overwrite by the user (basically the fallback/default value)

ps: and maybe some "Y M D h m s" params, so that you don't have to use "%date:~6,4%-%date:~3,2%-%date:~0,2%" or stuff like that
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Re: Buttonbar - Dialog Box Improvements

Post by *petermad »

Support for something like this - I guess the placeholder marks could be something like %?....%?


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param=?copy new.odt %?Insert document name%?.odt
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