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Drag&Drop handler for ROBOCOPY (or XXCOPY) !!

Posted: 2008-06-19, 17:15 UTC
by Jason404
The major use I have for Total Commander is sorting out folders of work files - moving them from desktop computers and laptops onto a central server, after the projects are over.

I find it very beneficial to keep the original file and folder dates, so they can easily be found at a later date, and so that I can see what other projects were done around the same time.

Total Commander and Windows Explorer are incapable of this, but XXCOPY can keep the original folder dates, as well as Created, Modified and even Accessed dates of files. Robocopy can keep folder timestamps and some file timestamps intact as well.

There is a GUI available for Robocopy, but using the Total Commander interface is much much quicker, and I am very surprised that this ability is not yet available with any plugin!

XXCOPY is not free, while Robocopy is a standard part of Vista/2008, and can be added though the Resource pack for Win2003 on XP and Win2003. There are four versions of Robocopy that are currently widely used, and they have slightly different switches and abilities.

I would love it if somebody with the ability made a Drag&Drop handler for this. I can help with the version information!


Posted: 2008-06-19, 17:51 UTC
by TT
CopySynch from jpgriffiths dot com will copy/backup/synch files and folders while maintaining the Modified and Created dates. I wish TC did this. I made a previous request but it doesn't seem there's enough interest to drive it forward...

Posted: 2008-06-19, 20:53 UTC
by fenix_productions
Have you tried to create a button for copying your folders?
Something like:

Code: Select all

Command: C:\Program Files\system\Windows Resource Kits\Tools\robocopy.exe
Parameters: %P%N %T /COPYALL
- right-click on button bar -> Change
- click on Add button,
- specify fields like above,
- use F1 for more info about parameters.

I hope this will fulfill your needs.

Posted: 2008-07-09, 18:52 UTC
by Hacker
A test message for you, as agreed.


Posted: 2008-07-09, 19:36 UTC
by Jason404
@ Hacker - Thanks!

@ Fenix_Productions -

Sorry for taking a while to reply. It's only now that I have tried your idea. It seems like a very good potential solution, having looked into this custom button business, but I cannot get it to work for some reason.

Putting aside the more complex switches that I actually would like to use..

.../E /NDL /NP /NFL /DCOPY:T /LOG+:"C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Desktop\Robocopy.log" /ZB /R:6 /W:10

..I tried to start off with the simple /COPYALL switch. I filled in the dialogue box like this:
Even though the directory is in the PATH, I tried with the full path to it as the Command. The Start Path seems to have filled in automatically (I have never understood what that field meant, on shortcuts or here).

After making this button, I tried highlighting one folder on the left pane in TC, and then made the right pane active (path on same drive, for simplicity), then pressed the button. I could see a a CMD prompt windows very briefly flash up and then disappear, and nothing else seems to happen.

I tried changing the parameters to %P%N %T\%N /COPYALL as well, but the same happens with that. I also tried putting quotes in, in case the spaces were causing an error, eg. "%P%N" "%T" /COPYALL.

Edit: I got it working! :D

I put a question mark in front of the parameter (?%P%N %T /COPYALL), and then I realised where I was going wrong. I have to left click to select the source folder or file before pressing the custom button. The parameter needed a bit of tweaking as well. I have now made MOVE buttons that I want, keeping file and folder timestamps, with and without

Parameter: %P%N %T%N /E /NDL /NP /NFL /DCOPY:T /MOVE /LOG+:"C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Desktop\Robocopy.log" /ZB /R:6 /W:10

Works great on my laptop. I still have to see how it works with UNC paths, administrative shares and mapped drives when I get back home. I suppose the temporary drive mapping switches in Robocopy cannot be used easily, but that does not matter.

Now that this works, I am going to move onto using XXCOPY instead, as that can keep Created, Modified, and Accessed timestamps for folders and files.

Thanks a lot for this method! Total Commander is excellent.

My main gripe in life and in TCmd is Time

Posted: 2016-02-10, 13:38 UTC
by 80sDISKs
This is my main and major disappointment with Total Commander, after having used it for decades now and all the advanced features it surprises me that the copy dates feature is not more extensive but rather limited and deluding from the truth of not copying the dates correctly. I don't think this is just a request but rather something very critical for a complete, advanced file transfer.

Robocopy is certainly a reliable alternative. I just wanted to add

Robocopy does support copying directory timestamps with the flag:


Re: Drag&Drop handler for ROBOCOPY (or XXCOPY) !!

Posted: 2016-02-10, 19:28 UTC
by Vochomurka
Jason404 wrote:XXCOPY is not free
Did you read this? I use Xxcopy since 2003 without paying a penny. If there are some limitations for free license, I haven't found them yet ;)

Posted: 2016-02-11, 10:52 UTC
by ghisler(Author)
To copy all 3 timestamps, add


to wincmd.ini section [Configuration].

Posted: 2016-02-20, 18:19 UTC
by sekular
What about the copy date/time of directories option in the copy/delete tab in the options?

This is another example of where functionality that is already included is not accessible from the menu and dialog's. It would be nice to see all these options added to the options dialog.

Posted: 2016-02-22, 10:29 UTC
by ghisler(Author)
There are just too many special options which only a tiny fraction of users would use. I don't want to clutter the already full settings dialogs with these options.

Re: Drag&Drop handler for ROBOCOPY (or XXCOPY) !!

Posted: 2020-11-21, 22:03 UTC
by Marcus1571
So, here is my take on this. I created three friendly buttons.
In my view Robocopy makes sense when you use the /MT:XX option activated, otherwise I just use the Total Commander copy function.
The /MT:XX parameter is amazing, you can parallelize the copy stream dramatically increasing the speed of the overall operation.
What normally takes 27 seconds, with /MT:32 takes me 2 or 3 seconds!!!! However, do your tests, MT:8 should be enough
But this makes only sense from SSD to SSD, since HDD are not super happy to parallelized operations :-(

For the icons I found stuff online then used

Code: Select all

https: // convertio . co
to convert to an *.ico file. URL disabled by moderator

Copy Button:

Code: Select all


Code: Select all

%P%N %T%N /MT:32 /E /NDL /NP /NFL /DCOPY:T /LOG+:c:\temp\robocopy.log /R:6 /W:10

Code: Select all

Copy MT:32
(but honestly, write what you want here)

Move Button:

Code: Select all


Code: Select all

%P%N %T%N /MT:32 /E /NDL /NP /NFL /DCOPY:T /MOVE /LOG+:c:\temp\robocopy.log /R:6 /W:10

Code: Select all

Move MT:32
(but honestly, write what you want here)

Sync Button:

Code: Select all


Code: Select all

%P%N %T%N /MT:32 /E /NDL /NP /NFL /DCOPY:T /MIR /LOG+:c:\temp\robocopy.log /R:6 /W:10

Code: Select all

Sync MT:32
(but honestly, write what you want here)