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Post by *browny » 2018-06-28, 10:18 UTC

Should my suggestion about switching to RichEdit control be accepted, then changing scale with Ctrl+Wheel would need no addidtional efforts.
Currently only rtf uses this control.

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Post by *bakocs » 2018-07-02, 05:37 UTC

Ctrl+WheelDown: Decrease Font Size
Ctrl+WheelUp: Increase Font Size
Finaly I found a plugin which has this feature: CudaLister
You can download from

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Post by *Amitabha613 » 2018-07-02, 07:43 UTC

That would be definitely great to have the possibility to increase / decrease font size in the default viewer with Ctrl+WheelUp / Ctrl+WheelDown

Support +++

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Post by *Ralph » 2018-07-05, 18:58 UTC

I would prefer to use the keyboard, but I could use the mouse if necessary.

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Post by *CrushBug » 2018-07-19, 15:33 UTC

I really like this idea. As long as there is a display somewhere (footer, menu bar) that shows the font/zoom level. Sometimes if you accidentally change the zoom it can make you a little crazy wondering why things don't look quite right. I was running Chrome at 110% at home and was getting very confused between what I was seeing between work and home.

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