What about porting 32-bit TC to Lazarus?

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Post by *elgonzo » 2013-10-16, 22:05 UTC

Horst.Epp wrote:
ghisler(Author) wrote:Many companies still use Windows 9x or even 3.1, mainly on standalone machines - simply because there are no drivers for newer Windows versions.
But they can stay with a old TC version
as there are no new functions needed on such environments.
I wholeheartedly agree and i don't want to spoil your soup.
But, well, i will spoil your soup: Even Intel could not get rid of the dreaded ancient A20 gate. It is still there in some form in current chip-sets. That should tell us something... :cry:

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Re: What about porting 32-bit TC to Lazarus?

Post by *cubic » 2019-07-15, 15:00 UTC

So, was TC ported to Lazarus in the end?
I would like to switch to Lazarus too.

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Re: What about porting 32-bit TC to Lazarus?

Post by *ghisler(Author) » 2019-07-18, 09:36 UTC

Why should I? The Lazarus version is much larger.
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