Store Network Drive Mappings

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Store Network Drive Mappings

Post by *loomax » 2016-01-28, 09:39 UTC

Total Commander should integrate an interface to map and disconnect stored drivemappings together with passwords.

netdrives from hardcodet is a good sample.

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Re: Store Network Drive Mappings

Post by *Phred » 2018-10-24, 15:50 UTC

I don't know how many decades I've been longing for a program like this - NetDrives from Hardcodet - but I've found it!

TC is very capable of signing on to a LAN share, but there's precious little functionality for signing out - none that I've ever found.

NetDrives lets you set up connections to LAN shares and displays them in an attractive GUI, and it allows you to initiate connections to those shares. AND it provides a graphical way of disconnecting from those shares.
Previously, you had to issue netuse instructions, or something arcane in that regard.

NetDrives makes drive-letter connections as well as UNC ones.

A belated thank you, loomax. Wonderful.
Straight to the wiki.
The download link peculiarly demanded depositing its zip file to a OneDrive location I had to open, but it was quite valid.
setup.exe as admin proceeded normally.
Regards, PhredE
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