Renaming CRC files containing single-file CRC

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Renaming CRC files containing single-file CRC

Post by *wanderer » 2018-01-13, 13:39 UTC

I usually create CRC files (SHA actually) for several of the files i have (videos usually). Almost every time, each SHA file contains the SHA of only a single file. In several occasions, i happen to rename the original files and the CRCs and then i find myself having to edit the CRC in order to also change the name of the file inside it.

It would be great if there was an INI flag (i.e. AlsoRenameFileInCRC) which when set to 1, when TC realizes a CRC file is being renamed and it contains CRC for only a single file in it and the name of the file is the same as the old name of the CRC, it would also rename the file inside the CRC. It would be even greater if Multi-rename tool could follow this flag.

It might also be nice, either with the same flag or with another flag, to be able to rename a file and TC, if in the same folder a CRC with the same name exists, also rename the CRC and the name of the file inside the CRC (if only one CRC exists in it) (i.e. TreatSingleCRCFilesAsGroupWithOriginalFile INI setting :) ). The same could perhaps stand for move, copy and delete operations (like html files in windows explorer).
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