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add visual tips for comments

Post by *dindog » 2018-01-29, 16:14 UTC

I don't use comments very often, but when I did, I can't find an option to emphasize files/folder which have comment. It's even so when a folder you didn't access for some time. One have to move cursor on an file/folder, wait for the pop-up comment show up or not in order to find out is there a comment for the corresponse file/folder. If only there is an icon that indicate "this file has comment!"...

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TC file comments (Ctrl + Z) for file/folders | Colors

Post by *tuska » 2018-01-29, 18:16 UTC

You can color files/folders with TC file comments (Ctrl + Z) as follows:

- Configuration - Options - color
- Define colors by file type... - Add... Files_Folders-with-TC-comments
- Define - change to the "Plugins" tab - tick the box: "Search in plugins:" - Combine with: AND (all match)
- Plugin: tc - Property: comment - OP: != Value: leave this field blank! [option: click on button "Help"]
- click on Button "Save" ... Template name: Files_Folders-with-TC-comments - OK
- Button "OK" -> choose your desired color, e.g. hue: 220, saturation: 240, brightness: 60
- [red: 128, green: 0, blue: 64 -> automatically determined]
- Button "OK" (>Files_Folders-with-comments is shown in "Define colors by file type")

From now on files/folders with file comments will be desposited with the selected color.

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