Hang parent TC window on Sync: possible improvements

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Hang parent TC window on Sync: possible improvements

Post by *DrShark » 2018-05-31, 07:59 UTC

The issue described in this post:
ghisler(Author) wrote:I couldn't reproduce the problem by DrShark, it seems to be completely unrelated.
For me it's easy to reproduce when using a Sync for dirs with many 1-level subdirs (like 65k subdirs I used to test scroll issue).
In my case, test goes on HDD. Few seconds after pressing Compare in Sync Tool, both Sync window and backround parent main TC window will hang for some time (if Sync Window is not maximized, you can notice background window hang when its maximize/rerstore window button will be disabled).
So when minimizing Sync Window while both windows are hang, Sync window minimizes to a ghost window with title bar only near a Start Windows button, while parent main TC window will stay in it's state as a hang window (screenshot). After hang is over, both TC normally goes to a notification area icon (I use minimizing to tray).
Would be nice to see somethuing of following improved (if possible):
1) the title bar of ghost Sync Window is near Start Windows button. If possible, would be nice to have it centered or bottom centered, because I have left and right side panels over desktop that often are covering the small title bar of Sync Window;
2) maybe something may be improved for Sync Tool so its background window won't hang in this particular case of comparing dirs with too many 1-level subdirs?
3) even if both Sync and parent main TC windows don't look like hang when comparing is going, Esc key to abort Comparing sometimes doesn't work as good as pressing Abort buttion, also Minimize window of Sync window sometimes may minimize it only after a 3rd click (I had such situation after restoring TC from tray while comparing was still going).
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Post by *MarcinW » 2018-06-02, 09:58 UTC

ad 1) centering a ghost window is not possible in any normal way, because the application is not responsible.

(I can imagine some solutions, that could work, like sending messages to the ghost window from some other thread, but this would be just a sort of hacking, depending on the undocumented operating system internals).

ad 3) I have an impression that I also experienced this problem many times.


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