Petabytes and exabytes

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Petabytes and exabytes

Post by *Thany » 2018-05-31, 13:22 UTC

Smart filesize display goes up to terabytes.

I've got Google Drive and in my organisation we've all got unlimited storage on it. I installed Drive File Stream which installs a native drive letter that is accessible fully transparently by any program.

When I navigate TC to the Google Drive, it reports the total capacity as "1152921.504.606.846.976 b". That's completely correct (apart from a couple of thousand-separators missing...). Now, when I enable smart filesize display, it reports as "1.048576,00 T". That's technically correct, but honestly I would expect to see "1,00 E", that is to say 1 exabyte.

Can we have this? :)

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Post by *ghisler(Author) » 2018-06-01, 14:29 UTC

I'm moving this to suggestions since it's not really a bug. I will consider it.
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