Network drives in Drives bar

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Network drives in Drives bar

Post by *tasuketekudasai » 2018-06-16, 06:40 UTC

Please add showing of network drives on Drive button bar.

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Post by *petermad » 2018-06-16, 11:51 UTC

TC already shows network drives in the Drive button bar. < >

Please check that you have not excluded the drive letter in your wincmd.ini file with the parameter: DriveBarHide=

DriveBarHide= Allows to hide certain parts of the button bar:
\ =Network Neighborhood
. =parent+root dir
- =volume label and free/total space
Contrary to the Allowed= option, the drives remain accessible via drive dropdown list (Alt+F1/F2), the "cd" command etc.
To hide terminal server drives, they must be given after a dollar sign:
DriveBarHide=A$CDE hides local drive A and host drives CDE.
Also notice this parameter, although it doesn't concern network drives:
HideRemovableNoMedia=0 When !=0, removable drives like USB card readers will not be shown unless a medium is inserted. Note that CD-ROM drives and floppy disk drives will always be shown. Apply to:
1: Drive button bar
2: Drive dropdown list
4: Search function - Drives
7: All
This function may be very slow with certain drives, so turn it off if you notice any slowdown.
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