Text search in files should not search in excluded files

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Text search in files should not search in excluded files

Post by *p.tingen » 2018-06-28, 11:08 UTC

I just did a text search for some word in all my *.p files on the C: drive and I noticed that it took TC a long time to examine the folder where I save a copy of the SD card of my car navigation.

This folder contains exactly 1 file; a zipfile of 15GB, so I assume that TC was examining the contents of the zipfile for an occurrance of my text.

Shouldn't TC just skip this file since does not match the file extension filter?
That would certainly improve search speed.
Notice that I did not check the box for searching inside archives.

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Post by *petermad » 2018-06-28, 11:58 UTC

It sounds like you had the option: "Search archives (all except for UC2" enabled.
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