Improvement for "Go back" and "Go forward"

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Improvement for "Go back" and "Go forward"

Post by *Slavic » 2019-06-05, 15:39 UTC

These suggestions may improve the quality of life of TC users who often switch between different drives and directories.

First, it would be suitable to implement the local menus with location history under these buttons, which can be shown after long press. While we already have the Alt+Down arrow history menu, it doesn't allow to clearly see and choose the exact previous or next location(s) and also to move between them in the "natural" way like in all modern browsers.

Second, it would be informative to make these buttons inactive (greyed out) if we reached the begin or end of history and cannot move any longer.

Both suggestions may require the extension of current toolbar functions which may be not implemented and demand a few or a lot of programming efforts. Of course, the priority will depend on the amount of such work.
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Re: Improvement for "Go back" and "Go forward"

Post by *jinsight » 2019-06-06, 16:07 UTC

Support if if priorities permit
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