TC 9.50b2: "Security" group is outdated

The behaviour described in the bug report is either by design, or would be far too complex/time-consuming to be changed

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TC 9.50b2: "Security" group is outdated

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Among the internal TC commands there is a "Security" group, which includes four commands: 2200 (2), 2201 and 2202. None of these commands is able to work in Windows 8.1, any attempt to use they results in system error window:
Windows cannot edit permissions as requested because of a component of the software you are using that is required to perform that function is not compatible with any version of Windows released after Windows Server 2003. Contact your software vendor to find out if this software has been updated for current version of Windows.
I guess that these commands haven't been changed for at least 10 or more years and are outdated now. Need either update the OS calls which TC uses to execute them, or retire them completely, say, since this new version.
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Re: TC 9.50b2: "Security" group is outdated

Post by *ghisler(Author) »

Indeed you can now use the properties dialog (Alt+Enter) to perform these operations.
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