ZIP packer ignores Unicode names in a dir without Admin rights

The behaviour described in the bug report is either by design, or would be far too complex/time-consuming to be changed

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ZIP packer ignores Unicode names in a dir without Admin rights

Post by *Slavic »

When we pack the files with non-English letters in the file name (e.g. Cyrillic), TC should pack them according to the setting in Configuration, by default it asks which method of packing these names to use. However, if the directory, where such files are placed, requires the Admin access and we try to pack the files from outside of this directory (like a whole directory), ZIP packer doesn't check these names, cannot detect non-English characters and packs the names with underscores "_" or questions "?" instead.

Hint: these dirs can be easily seen by context menu: the "normally" accessible dirs show the full-size context menu with "Open" and "View (Lister)" right below the name. Dirs which have been created under another account and so require the Admin access for most operations, have the shortened context menu without these menu items. When you attempt to copy the whole dir, TC asks for Admin rights. However, TC doesn't ask such rights for packing, and the packing itself works well.

Reproducing this bug may be a bit uneasy.
1) Switch to another account, create a dir (English letters are OK) and copy inside some files with non-English names.
2) Switch back to usual account and check the context menu of this dir. It should be shortened (!).
3) When inside this dir, attempt to pack the files. TC will show the dialog with info about Unicode names. Select "Store as UTF-8".
4) Go one level up (cd..) and try to pack the whole dir with files. TC will pack them without this dialog, and non-English names will ignore Unicode.

This bug doesn't occur if we start TC as Admin (obviously).

I hope this can be fixed because the packer is able to ask for UTF-8 when inside. Apparently the problem is in the limited scope of name checker, while TC file lister, even without Admin rights, does have the needed scope.
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Re: ZIP packer ignores Unicode names in a dir without Admin rights

Post by *ghisler(Author) »

Unfortunately I cannot fix this - at the time when TC checksfor Unicode names, it doesn't yet have the right to enter that subfolder.
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