How to set the vertical-tab-width ?

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How to set the vertical-tab-width ?

Post by * » 2019-01-21, 08:56 UTC

Moin Moin.

Is it, somehow, possible to set the vertical-tab-width.
Using the Commander remotely from a low-resolution-screen (single-hd) is cluttering a large amount of the screen with a large percentage, in my case 70%, with the tabs.
Reducing the font-size does reduce the horizontal-tab-width, but not the vertical one, leaving most of the tab-area empty.
Having had a look at the config-files, I did not find a setting to influence this, so I wanted to place a question, whether there is one.


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Re: How to set the vertical-tab-width ?

Post by *ghisler(Author) » 2019-01-21, 14:30 UTC

No, TC increases the tab header height automatically when the system reports a touch screen. Maybe the remote PC does use a touch screen?
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