Searching for folders containing . (dot) character

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Searching for folders containing . (dot) character

Post by *tcuser001 »

Alt-F7 Find files. Or in my case I want to find a directory.

Is there something special about a . in a directory name, besides that it's an extension marker?

Example folder: "4.60 try find me"
Search for: "4.60", will result in 0 files found.
("" characters not included above in search/folder)
The same occurs if I make a file with the name
"4.60 hello.txt", it will not be found.

If I click the RegEx checkbox, and search for "4.60" it does find the directory/file.

Is this a bug? Or how can I perform this search without using regular expressions checked?

Thanks for the input

EDIT 1: Just as a tease, cluncky windows explorer search finds both the folder/file when searching for "4.60"

EDIT 2: Adding a * at the end finds it. I've just gotten so used to not having to use wildcards, since Total Commander does not normally require them. I'm guessing that '.' is seen as an extension and only the filename (i.e. before the .) can be searched without using wildcards.

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Post by *MVV »

Help topic says:
When the search string contains a dot, Total Commander will look for the exact name match.
So you can't search for text with a dot w/o using asterisks.

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Post by *ghisler(Author) »

Yes, this is intentional - without this special handling of dots, it would be impossible to find an exact match.
Author of Total Commander

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