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Support for Android version of Total Commander

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Post by *Aurelien » 2016-01-18, 18:18 UTC

I finally installed a ftp server app on my Nexus 9, and used TC for Windows to connect to my tablet.

It perfectly suits my needs, as i don't particularly need file timestamps...

The tablet is connected via wifi and seen on the network via it's ip+port
It's also possible to directly connect via usb, but it's a bit more complicated (adb commands).

The app is named "Ftp server" by The Olive Tree, but there are other apps as well.

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Post by *tag » 2016-01-19, 07:48 UTC

If you want timestamps and your tablet is rooted, have a look at Samba Filesharing. This could work. Unfortunately it is not available in play store anymore like mentioned in the timestamp FAQ on xda, but can take the dev version which is attached to the Samba Filesharing Thread.

If you want to have correct timestamps without root, you need save on any extrnal Server like Samba. Any directly attached file system managed by Android will fail on a current Android OS.

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Post by *TEN » 2019-11-03, 13:39 UTC

ghisler(Author) wrote:
2013-08-22, 14:38 UTC
The problem is that there is very little space on most Android screens, not enough for these functions.
Shouldn't the inclusion of Sync be revisited, given how resolutions have improved and most vendor-supplied File Managers have remained crappy, unreliable and incomplete on Android (without a full-fledged shell, and where files can hardly be managed well even over mtp, even if at all mounted)?

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