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Image thumbnails for MS Word files (.doc, .docx, ..)

Posted: 2018-10-08, 22:37 UTC
by ken1901
Hello Mr Ghisler,

Many thanks first and foremost for your amazing app. I am very fond of Total Commander, it is one of my most used apps on Android.

My request for the Android app: Could you please extend the thumbnail images with support for .doc, .docx files (the first page of the document)?

I used quite a few of these, for several documentation and information storing. So having thumbnails would really help me when trying to organize them.

Best wishes, hope you have a nice week, and all the best!

Ken VO

Re: Image thumbnails for MS Word files (.doc, .docx, ..)

Posted: 2018-10-09, 06:25 UTC
by ghisler(Author)
I'm not aware of any Android functions (or third party libraries) to do this, and these files are fare too complex to do my own preview, sorry.

Re: Image thumbnails for MS Word files (.doc, .docx, ..)

Posted: 2018-10-09, 14:51 UTC
by ken1901
I think you can do it in just 2 steps (in code):

1. Convert .doc , .docx file into PDF (which is easily convert to images). There are already built projects to convert MS Word to PDF for Android:


2. Convert PDF into thumbnail (image) by using ImageMagick (which is very well supported):

I researched a lot about this feature and there is not even one file manager in Android that can do PDF thumbnail or Word thumbnail. So your Total Commander application can have large advantages compare to those other Android file managers (even how popular they are). I can support with everything I can, because i desperately need it, and many other people will do the same too.

It is very good for Total Commander Android app future, for example, you can check on Google with keyword: "android MS word thumbnails" . There is not a solution for it, also this post is already in first page of Google search for many keywords (good for SEO) (even the above keyword) and many of people research about it now and in the future can know and use Total Commander.

Re: Image thumbnails for MS Word files (.doc, .docx, ..)

Posted: 2018-10-11, 08:50 UTC
by ghisler(Author)
itextpdf is under GPL (even the stronger AGPL), so it's a no-go. I would have to publish the source of Total Commander, which I prefer not to do, because it is often abused by malware makers bringing out their own copy of TC.