Recursive user rights RWX (777)in TC.

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Recursive user rights RWX (777)in TC.

Post by *pema »

I just stumbled upon a major problem, folders created with TC is not accessible from external computer.
Further, when changing user rights in TC/properties from 770 to 777 (globally open) it is shown as successfully updated in TC but when going back checking folder properties in android TC user rights stays unchanged at 770 and folder remains hidden from external access. This is to me a serious problem as sound recording can not be backed up to server. To remedy problem I have to open folders with any file explorer to have folders recursivley updated to global access RWX.

Please assist.

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Re: Recursive user rights RWX (777)in TC.

Post by *ghisler(Author) »

You cannot change user rights under /storage/emulated/0
The problem you have is that the media database is out of date. However, Total Commander DOES send the necessary commands to update the media database when you create a folder. Can you tell me which Android version you use?
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