Network problem with TC Android Wifi Transfer app on Chromebook

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Network problem with TC Android Wifi Transfer app on Chromebook

Post by *jacn » 2019-07-21, 03:50 UTC

Hi all,

This is regarding a new network issue with Total Commander Wifi Transfer app on Android in Chromebook (modern Chromebooks can run Android apps, particularly TC Android, and with keyboard support!). I believe it's caused by the recent Chrome OS Stable 75 update.

When using TC Android on chromebook to send files via connected wifi, TC Wifi Transfer app can show the QR code but is now assigned an internal IP ( that is unreachable from outside the Chromebook. I can no longer connect to it from a Windows PC (using TC on Windows with WebDAV plug) or android phone (using TC Android with Wifi Transfer app). I believe this problem also affects other Android apps (like files sync apps) that require incoming network connections.

TC Wifi Transfer app still works the other way round i.e. TC Android on chromebook can connect to files share out from my Windows PC/Android phone, but this way I can't use TC Windows to sync files.

From what I gathered, Chrome OS isolates Android and Linux apps using VM/containers, and assign private IPs (i.e. 100.115.92.x; rfc 6598) to them that can go out via NAT but doesn't permit incoming network connections in general, though the TC Wifi Transfer app somehow :D still manage to work prior to Chrome OS 75 update.

The workaround that works for me is to use the open source "Connection Forwarder" Chrome web app to forward incoming traffic from the Chrome OS IP (e.g. on wifi LAN) to the particular private IP (100.115.92:8081) assigned to TC Wifi Transfer app. In this case, TC Windows should connect to the Chrome OS IP (e.g. instead.

Sharing here in case somebody runs into the same problem, and maybe somebody has a better solution/insight into the issue.


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