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Search in TC Android: default * symbol AND "search in subfolders" check box

Posted: 2019-07-24, 21:46 UTC
by atbest
In the search dialog, the "Search for" edittext contains a "*" symbol which is unnecessary or even annoying frequently. One has to add another "*" symbol at the end of the search words or removes it before typing search words, otherwise, the users have to input the whole filenames to the end. Would you please remove the default "*" symbol? If the users need the leading symbol, they can type it directly.

The default behavior is to search files recursively. However, I usually only need to search files under current folder. So it will be great to add a check box to "search in subfolders" in the dialog. Although I can use the "Quick search" internal command, it only highlights the first matched file and does not hide unmatched files. So it won't work if I cannot remember the correct file name when the folder contains many subfolders and/or files.