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Access to .android_secure subdir in the SD

Posted: 2019-08-13, 12:58 UTC
by Hammillian7

Is there any way for TCAndroid to access the .android_secure subdir in the SD (in rooted mobiles)?

It would be very convenient when changing the SD (e.g., when upgrading to a bigger one), to allow user to continue using the info and apps moved to the SD: the user could just copy that whole subdir (as well as the rest of already accessible subdirs) to the new SD, first connecting it to the mobile through an SD to USB adapter and an USB to mobile adapter, and then just install this new SD in the mobile SD slot.

If not currently possible, could the feature be added in the near future?

Solution Re: Access to .android_secure subdir in the SD

Posted: 2019-08-13, 15:22 UTC
by Hammillian7

Browsing the net, I've found a simple way to achieve what I requested:

The .android_secure is accessible for read and write through, e.g., :


I leave the reply to myself in case it be useful to anybody.