Is TC3.0b10+lan plugin3.08 working for .mp4 files?

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Re: Is TC3.0b10+lan plugin3.08 working for .mp4 files?

Post by *sweetbox »

That's ok.

So,when I said beta 8 ,it's from doing a twrp restore.
(I executed a command "su : settings put global captive_portal_mode 0" in TC to remove "x" on signal bar and wifi icon on status bar and get system ui stuck ,lost signal,and long reboot the first time afterward. Like something got corrupt ,don't know what happened ,so did a nand restore ,and executed that command in termux and seemed all ok ,no stucks .ehhh,another story)

After that ,I didn't upgrade beta8 to beta12 ,just didn't know what's the part of this issue exactly involved .
Happened there's another phone with android 7.1.2 and TC 2.8b4 ,no lan plugin.
I upgraded this phone's TC 2.8b4 to 3b12 and installed lan 3.08 plugin.

Because I didn't get a router rightnow around, the test with smb server is through the wifi network of laptop's Windows hotspot and the smb server is on this laptop.
If the following issue can't be reproduced ,maybe it's normal on router wifi network so the problem is Windows hotspot.(or you could try hotspot network if possible)

Windows 7 smb server with its own hotspot wifi network
android 9+TC b8/b12+lan 3.08
android 7.1.2+TC b8/b12+lan 3.08

1、android 7.1.2 b12+lan 3.08 play .mp4 and .mkv on smb server is all ok.
2、upgrade TC b8 to b12 on android 9 ,play .mp4 and .mkv the same way is all ok.(what?! I did this before that the .mp4 issue occured every time. ok,maybe I didn't upgrade this path b8-b10-b11-b12,maybe something that b10 or b11 involved file type configuration handled by system got messed)
3、now the new issue:
backward lan folder to main TC,disconnect wifi ,reconnect this wifi ,and hit lan ,hit the smb server ,I get this
"LAN:Error connecting to server!
Reported error:
j has already been closed
/movies/ "
Hit smb server again,it can get into and ok with copy files,but not stream play videos ,.mp4,.mkv,.avi, all fails "play(foreground)""add to queue".
But if force to stop lan plugin ,then get in ,all is working ok.
"add to queue" and hit "play" ,it can't play,and hit "X" to exit ,then hit the video file the "play(foreground)" and "add to queue"(hit "play") are working normal again.
This both happened on two phones of android 7 and 9 with TC b12+ lan 3.08 ,
and android 7 ,TC b8+lan 3.08 has this issue too .
Didn't try android 9 ,TC b8 +lan3.08 because need to uninstall to install b8 ,but a lot configuration need to be redo.

This is done on Windows hotspot of laptop network .
So,don't know if it can be reproduced on normal router network.

By the way ,lan 3.09 is the same
and has copy issue that reported on another thread.
copy file --- hit TC home --- browser other folder --- back to lan folder --- copy file -----get "stuck"
lan 3.08 has no this issue.

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Re: Is TC3.0b10+lan plugin3.08 working for .mp4 files?

Post by *Usher »

"Add to queue" may be forced when your Android device goes to power saving mode (for example on low battery state) or when it lose connection. Some apps may still work in such circumstances (for example Firefox still downloads files in power saving mode), some may ask to reconnect (for example Firefox on lost connection), but some other apps simply add task to queue and wait (for such apps in most cases you need to go out of power saving mode, reconnect and restart the app).
Regards from Poland
Andrzej P. Wozniak

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Re: Is TC3.0b10+lan plugin3.08 working for .mp4 files?

Post by *sweetbox »

I don't think it's related to power saving mode.

Since it becomes normal after forced stopping lan plugin and
I observed lan plugin restarted on running servers when you hit TC's media player 's "x" exit button what's the same as forced stop, I'm much concerned it's lan plugin problem.

And about before the only .mp4 play issue through smb server ,I think maybe beta10 or beta11 that assigned file default action somehow get wrong and stucked in system configuration.
I didn't keep beta10 and beta11 ,so couldn't reproduce again.
Since there would be few to upgrade like my way and maybe third party rom specific issue ,that would be not a problem.

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