Synchronize directories with network drive - memory usage

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Post by *elgonzo » 2016-05-13, 23:26 UTC

tcOne wrote:I usually have Process Hacker running (with admin rights) at all times. I've just added the Peak Working Set column, but it didn't show anything new. The size reported remained the same before, during and after the comparison (which I stopped before paging starts).
Do you perhaps have some entries collapsed in the tree view of the Process Hacker? Or otherwise hidden certain processes like "System" perhaps? (Check the View menu...) Not that i necessarily expect new insights, but i would expect to see the allocated memory to be accounted for.

EDIT: Oops. Missed your last post. Probably better to retire the D-Link for peace of mind, or?
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Post by *Dalai » 2016-05-13, 23:38 UTC

tcOne wrote:I'm now fairly convinced that the culprit is D-Link's network stack implementation.
Maybe there's some older version of Samba on that device. But that shouldn't let the memory usage explode on your local system. Please check whether there's some newer network driver available for your system. You should check either the network hardware vendor's site (if you built your system yourself) or the manufacturer of your system (if you bought your computer preinstalled); I don't recommend Windows Update for something like this.

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Post by *tcOne » 2016-05-13, 23:42 UTC

ok, I'll see whether I can locate an updated driver from the motherboard manufacturer and will post back results.



I have installed updated drivers (three(!) years younger than the ones from Microsoft update) and the issue still remains.
As elgonzo opined, the D-Link will soon face retirement...

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