Trash is not used in replace case, bug or windows feature ?

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Michael REMY
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Trash is not used in replace case, bug or windows feature ?

Post by *Michael REMY »


i don't know whenever it is a bug of a windows7 feature.
but when i replace a file by another one with the same name, why the old one did not into the trash windows folder ? it is loft permanently...

i check my windows trsh options, and i did not found any options on that case.

is it TC which decide to really delete the old one ?
i'm an old long user of TC since the windows 3.11 release !, for the history, i came to tc when i migrate from amiga commodore to PC where they are diskmanager and directory opus there.

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Post by *Hacker »

Hi Michael REMY,
Does Explorer do the same?

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Post by *Dalai »

2Michael REMY
Even the ancient Win95 behaved like this, so I don't know what you expect. If you need the old file to be moved to the recycle bin then you have to do it manually before you overwrite the file. Mark the term "overwrite" (or "replace") here, so it's quite clear what the file manager (regardless whether it's TC, Explorer or any other) will do with the files.

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