[8.52a] Build-in 7-Zip function fails if missing TOC

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[8.52a] Build-in 7-Zip function fails if missing TOC

Post by *dstarke » 2016-07-13, 06:23 UTC

Trying to open a 7-Zip archive with the new 7-Zip build-in function fails if the 7-Zip archive was created without a list of files header, like e.g. a GZip file.
The original 7-Zip application on the other hand has no issue opening such file.

Try for example opening a 7-Zip file created as:
echo "hello world!" | 7za.exe a -t7z -si file.7z

When trying to open it TotalCommander will output:
Error in packed file file.7z!

Tested with Total Commander Version 8.52a 32 bit (2015-09-17)

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Post by *MarcinW » 2016-07-13, 12:36 UTC

Confirmed also for TC 9.0 beta4.

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Post by *Horst.Epp » 2016-07-13, 12:48 UTC

confirmed but it works of course using the Total7zip plugin.
Which is btw. a much better way to handle 7-zip files
as it allows to open many more archive type like WIM or ISO.
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Post by *ghisler(Author) » 2016-07-13, 20:20 UTC

Sorry, this format is not supported by Total Commander. Please use a plugin.
Author of Total Commander

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