Total Commander 9.0 beta test starting!

Please report only one bug per message!

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Total Commander 9.0 beta test starting!

Post by *ghisler(Author) »

Total Commander 9.0 beta 1 is available now!

Please consider the following when reporting bugs:
1. The new icons for button bar and main menu are not yet part of beta 1. They will be added to a later beta because they are currently being optimized. You can find a pre-release version in the English forum:

2. If you reported a bug for Total Commander 8.5x and it was fixed in 9.0 beta, it would be great if you could write that in the thread for this bug here in the forum, so I could move it to "fixed bugs".

3. The list of new features and fixed bugs can be found in the history file:
Please report if a bug is reported as fixed in this list, but it is still there in TC 9.0 beta.

4. Please post only one bug report per thread!

Thanks for your help!

Christian Ghisler
Author of Total Commander