Wrong file icon

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Wrong file icon

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I´m using 9.0a -32bit on Win7-64, i5, 16gb, Samsung 850 ssd, uptime ~ 1h.

Just saw the typical setup-icon in front of an jpg file. There are 75 files in the folder, all different types. The two topmost are jpgs, the third a setup file with the typical 'disc in front of computer' icon.
This icon was also shown for the second jpg file. The first one had the correct jpg icon of xnview, that I use.
When I changed into a sub directory and came back, the icon was back to normal.

Some minutes later I copied another setup file with an individual Icon into the same folder. It took about 5 seconds to show the icon, allthough it was shown allready in the source folder (both on the same SSD drive but different partitions.)

I don´t think I realised this behaviour in the past. Nothing serious, but weired.


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Post by *ghisler(Author) »

You can thank virus scanners like Microsoft's built-in scanner for that 5 second delay: TC requests EXE icons from Windows in a background thread because of this.
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