Slow response to drive state(DVD,SD) if no disk in drive

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Post by *MarcinW » 2018-06-18, 15:34 UTC

Ok, CdCloseDoor setting has a separate thread in the English forum:

So the "Suggestions" forum may be the best place for this thread.

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Post by *BORG52 » 2018-06-19, 10:16 UTC

Yes, this thread in English forum is about the same problem.I do not found it before current topic creation. But I was search for it here.

to ghisler(Author):
If any user need disable this feature, they must first anywhere search for "slow responze","waiting time", "CdCloseDoor(?-no)" etc. This takes a lot of time with a random result. Easy and user friendly way is add a switch to TC "configuration-options-operations(or Misc.)". Is possibly to add this switch here?

Move thread to suggestions is good idea for finding any currently unsolvable solutions.
In suggestions might be need a change name of topic to a more precise name appropriately for programmers.

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