Column width gets wrong after running some games

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Column width gets wrong after running some games

Post by *Flint »

1. In TC, make sure you are using TAB-aligned file extensions, switch to the Brief mode and open a directory with only a few files/subdirs, so that the list only occupied one column.
2. Run a 3D game, preferrably one with a different screen resolution that's the OS is currently using.
3. Exit the game and look at the TC screen.
4. The width of the name column is wider than it was, all extensions are displayed farther apart from the name than before.


It's not exactly clear which games trigger this behavior, because on my machine not all of them did, so here are some of the confirmed ones by different users:
• Age of Empires
• Zuma Deluxe
• King Bounty
• Heroes 3
• Salt Sanctuary
• Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2 (2002)

It was introduced in 9.10, and still there in TC 9.21rc1, x32 and x64.
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Re: Column width gets wrong after running some games

Post by *ghisler(Author) »

This can happen when the desktop resolution is changed when playing games full screen. It happens when the name column becomes too narrow to be fully displayed. There are no plans to change this, there isn't much I can do. I would lose too much functionality if I reverted to pre 9.10 behaviour. Just restart TC when it happens.
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