No more tooltips after a crash with frozen tooltip

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No more tooltips after a crash with frozen tooltip

Post by *DrShark » 2019-04-02, 20:13 UTC

This bug has been reported by email to Christian Ghisler, but he couldn't reproduce it so far.
It's rare, I encountered it twice.

It may happen if to switch to TC (in my case I switched from Chrome to TC 9.22,) or from TC (e.g. by launching an app from toolbar that will take focus, in my case I launched mplayer from toolbar in TC 9.20).

So at the moment (or just right after it) of switch to/from TC, crash happens and the tooltip for file is freezing, so after pressing OK in TC's error message it isn't moving or disappearing, even more: that tooltip is now visible on top of other apps (except apps launched in Always on top mode.) Another interesting moment is that the tooltip has strange asian character in a place where it should show properties provided by Explorer. After crash, in that session (until restart) TC doesn't show any other tooltips.

Error message for TC 9.22:

Code: Select all

Total Commander 9.22
Invalid pointer operation.
Invalid pointer operation
Windows Vista SP2 HomePremium 6.0 (Build 6002), base: 00400000

Please report this error to the Author, with a description
of what you were doing when this error occurred!

Delphi exception: EInvalidPointer
Stack trace:
00437E3A 00437B12 0046759C 0044A05A 00427706 00448B61
0044AB62 00427706 0044A104 00427706 00448B61 0044A05A
00427706 00448B61 00427706 0044A104 00427706 00448B61
0044AB62 >00427706 0044A104 00427706 0042CE8D 0042CF28

004026A0 00402D30 004091A3 00402726 005D004E 00407ACE
00407ACE 00402249 004023EF 004026B8 00403707 004037F6
00440ADF 0058758E 00437E3A 00437B12 0046759C 00437E3A
00437B12 0046759C 0044B63A 00448B61 0044AE31 0042964D
0044A1CE 0044AB62 0044AB85 00427706 0044A104 00427706
0044A05A 00427706 00449D6F 00449A19 00449A43 0043CFED
0043CFF8 00449B12 00449B2E 0044C60B 0043CF75 0043CFAE
00448B61 0044AE31 0044A1CE 0044AB62 0044AB85 00427706
0044A104 00427706 00427706 0044182B 0046309B 0044A05A
00427706 0044AEDB 0042A1E5 0044B63A 0042A1E5 00448B61

Press Ctrl+C to copy this report!
Continue execution?
Да Нет 
(I also sent WinCrashReport trace of this event, as well as error message similar to above for TC 9.20, but Christian Ghisler didn't find clues to reason of a bug there, so for now I don't see a point in posting that traces here too.)

Screenhots: Because a bug is about a tooltip which also uses wdx plugin, attributes.wdx, I'm posting related wincmd.ini settings:

Code: Select all

0fields=Attributes: S([=attributes.Sparse File]);N/I([=attributes.Not Content Indexed])
This bug may be or not be related to attributes.wdx plugin, or another similar bug with tooltip which doesn't show information provided by Explorer.
Android 4.3.1 no root, kernel 08.09.2016; Vista Home Premium SP2 rus 32 bit
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