No Explorer's hints (only wdx's present) in tooltips

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No Explorer's hints (only wdx's present) in tooltips

Post by *DrShark »

This bug on my slow PC I could reproduce by quickly move mouse cursor over files that I added to panel from Find Files search results. It was reported to Christian Ghisler, but he couldn't reproduce it so far.

So in some cases TC showed a tooltip for a files with fields provided by wdx plugin (in my case attributes.wdx), but without properties provided by Explorer. A move of cursor to another file and then to previous one could make it show correct tooltip with both wdx plugin and Explorer information.
Because a bug is about a tooltip which also uses wdx plugin, attributes.wdx, I'm posting related wincmd.ini settings:

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0fields=Attributes: S([=attributes.Sparse File]);N/I([=attributes.Not Content Indexed])
This bug may be or not be related to attributes.wdx plugin, or another similar bug with stuck tooltip with strange asian character instead of information provided by Explorer.
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Re: No Explorer's hints (only wdx's present) in tooltips

Post by *ghisler(Author) »

Unfortunately I couldn't reproduce it so far. Can anyone else reproduce it?
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