Broken ftp connection remembered permanently

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Broken ftp connection remembered permanently

Post by *redfox »

Situation 1:

connect to a ftp site
edit a file (php etc.) in an editor ..notepad and alternatives ...
keep it open long with no activity..
make a change in the file and try to save it to the ftp --> TC displays warning that it could be incomplete

this behavior is OK, but:

Situation 2:

the same as Situation 1, but you hit F2 to refresh / reconnect the FTP content before saving the edited file.

TC should not display any warning, because the ftp is refreshed and accessible. but
it still displays the same error message as in Situation 1. TC simply remembers that the ftp was broken before and does not update the info to reflect the new change (ftp reconnect).

Expected behavior: TC should display the "file upload can be incomplete.." only if the FTP is really broken in the moment, not historically.

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