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Symlink\Junction for TC

Post by *gesha »

Will be nice to use sym-links possibilities in new version of TC. It is already supported in Win2000\XP, and (OFCOURSE!) on Unix is is just as part of OS.

Russinovich can do it already! What about TC? :D

PS:Junction for Windows 2K
Copyright (C) 2000 Mark Russinovich

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Post by *apz »

Yup, especially when moving a junction to another local drive. I would prefer for it to just delete junction, and create a new one on the new drive. Otherwise, tcmd assumed that a junction is a normal directory, moves all files, and then deletes the junction, breaking all other junctions.

So, for move / copy there should be a set of additional options:
follow junctions where:
- yes = contents of junction are moved / copied, junction removed in destination in favour of the real files/directories.
This will need be default for when destination is: FTP / SMB / Removable Storage (some compression formats support junctions -> ie: TAR)
- no = junction is created on destination... a sub point to this would be wether to correct junction destinations or not, this is if junctions can be relative (ntfs ones cant, but we are talking here junction = symlink, right? this would come in handy for that kylix/linux port).

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