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Post by *j7ndominica » 2018-06-27, 14:01 UTC

Thank you. Unfortunately my forum account is still inactive, and I can't log in or reset the password. I assumed that I'd have to confirm e-mail change by clicking a link when I did that. :oops:

DKIM is outside my expertise. The e-mail was also sorted with spam on Yahoo by default, but I can't see any headers there.

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Post by *ghisler(Author) » 2018-06-27, 20:05 UTC

Unfortunately my forum account is still inactive
Ah, sorry, I didn't check that. I have enabled it manually now.

Regarding your previous remark:
I think changing the forum engine might not be the best direct way to resolve this problem with SSL/spam. Current forum is very fast, and works in any old&new browser. Modern forums from phpbb3 and IPB are slow (!), force to use a modern browser, and modern conventions in their UI are hard to understand (also maybe no bbcode).
The current forum is very fast because it runs on a dedicated server now: EX41S-SSD with dual 250GB SSD and 64GB RAM. The forum, wiki and download server ( together use that server exclusively. The average load is 0.06, and the maximum today was 0.65, so there is plenty of power for the newer forum. Btw, runs on a VPS, where I hosted the forum too before. It's considerably slower, but costs actually more than the new dedicated server.

phpbb3 works well here with the browsers I tried, and especially on mobile phones, where the current forum is unusable. Try their main support forum:
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Post by *j7n » 2018-06-28, 17:27 UTC

Thank you sir.

I see now that phpBB3 is not as "modern" as other forums, and works okay.

My e-mail service also delays spam e-mail by about half an hour; they count on incomplete spam servers to not retry. I can deal with this by forcing another letter to be sent (any), usually 'resend activation'. This causes both letters to go through. Sorry for the off-topic.
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