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Guidelines for Moderators

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Hello to all forum members,

You have probably noticed that we - Hacker and sheep became the moderators of this forum. Guidelines have been made in the moderator board which is invisible for members, just for moderators and the site admin.

Here is a list of possible moderator actions (last revision Sep. 27, 2004):
  1. If a thread title describes the first posting in a thread inaccurately we'll try to find a better title and suggest that title to the author.
  2. If we find double postings which cannot be removed by the author because another user has replied, we'll delete the double posting.
  3. If we think a thread is going offtopic and probably will not quite soon return to the original topic we'll split the thread into a new offtopic thread. The new thread will be placed into the same forum as the original thread.
  4. Provocations will be treated as offtopic. We'll add comments to provocations and tell the user to stop provocations immediately.
  5. If a user uses insulting words we'll make them unrecognizable.
  6. If a posting links to illegal stuff we'll make it unrecognizable.
  7. Don't tell users what they should or should not write and don't moderate other users. If you think moderator interaction is required please send an email to a moderator of your choice. (Hacker / sheep)
  8. If you want to comment on a moderator's comment or action please send him an email. (Hacker / sheep / Clo)
We and these guidelines, too, are currently at an evaluation level. That means some guidelines can change if it helps to improve the quality of moderation.

You can discuss these guidelines at .

By the way, for those of you who have read the first version of these guidelines, we don't have to use the red color anymore (hooray!), as a Moderation MODification for phpBB has been installed in these forums.

Clo, sheep and Hacker