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Popup Window Placement

Post by *Expat47 » 2019-02-01, 07:51 UTC

Over the years (decades really) I've chased the pop-up windows created when using "lister" or "copy/move background" all over the screen. They usually end up somewhere that is not, particularly handy.

Could you, please, look into puting the window mapping coordinates of these popups in the ini file so they reappear in the last used place. I believe it would help speed things along in many cases.


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Re: Popup Window Placement

Post by *petermad » 2019-02-01, 09:07 UTC

You can save position of the Lister window from Listers menu: "Options..." -> "Save position".

Also size an position are saved automatically for "Find Files", "Synchronize directories", "Compare contents", "Multi-Rename Tool", "Choose command", "Connect to FTP server", "Print directory", "Directory Tree", "Select drives", "Choose plugin property", "Change start menu", "Change directory menu" and size for "Custom columns"
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