Change view mode for different FTP sites

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Change view mode for different FTP sites

Post by *Daveburton » 2019-02-12, 09:49 UTC

I access different FTP hosts in TC, and my goal is to be able to distinguish among them by color. This seems pretty straightforward, but for some reason I find no mention of this capability anywhere.

I assume the best way to go about this is to define different View Modes and then create an Auto Switch Mode rule, but I have been unable to come up with a combination of sub-rules that accomplishes this.

To my mind, the F sub-rule ("FTP Connection") would have a field next to it with the name (or partial name) of a matching (or not matching) FTP connection. That would be clear and easy to use.

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Re: Change view mode for different FTP sites

Post by *ghisler(Author) » 2019-02-14, 10:59 UTC

Unfortunately you can only set a rule for all ftp connections. Why? The path is in the form
which doesn't give a clue about the server name.
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